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Welcome to Special Mathematical Functions project!

Exploring issues about computing special mathematical functions as accurately and efficiently as possibly, including Bessel functions, incomplete Gamma and Beta.

Several R packages providing (algorithms to compute) special mathematical functions, typically all related to computing probability distribution functions, often "DPQ" (Density (pdf), Probability (cdf), and Quantiles (inverse cdf)).

Initiated and currently solely maintained by Martin Maechler, ETH Zurich, and member of the R Core team since primordial times.

Traditionally, I have worked a lot in making the DPQ-functions in (base) R more accurate in border cases, notably implementing the log=TRUE/FALSE and lower.tail = T|F possibilities.

R Packages part of the 'specfun' project on R-forge:

see the R Packages menu item on the project summary page, currently available here.

The project summary page you can find here.